VSCode, Neovim, Lisp, Clojure 🤯

I have been using Visual Studio Code with VSCodeVIM extension for years now. It's just recently it starts behaving weirdly. Sometimes when press option + backspace to delete a word. It just deleted another random character. I don't know what causes it.

So I started looking for another VSCode Vim extension. Then I found VSCode Neovim extension. When I read about it, I realize it uses real neovim. It's not an emulation. It's a real neovim integrated into VSCode.

I was not so impressed at the beginning. Until I found out that I can install real VIM Plugins and use it inside VSCode. Oh my goodness. Basicly I can use real vim environment.

At the same time I was learning Clojure on my spare time. Clojure has this weird syntax like Lisp. This is the code example in clojure.

user=> (+ 3 4)
user=> (+ 10 *1)
user=> (+ *1 *2)

You can read https://www.braveclojure.com/do-things/ if you're interested in clojure

I am not impressed with the syntax at the begnning. It just looks weird.

Then I started reading about Structural Editing in clojure, Started Installing Calva.io (clojure vscode extension). This extension bundles paredit with itself. So after I installed calva.io, I began to use paredit (https://calva.io/paredit/)

Calva looks great, but I still missed something. I like VIM, and paredit doesn't seems to take any advantage out of VIM.

Fast forward, after I found our about vscode-neovim. I found these vim plugin

There are not that many videos about these extension. So I just open their README.md on their github. Try the feature one by one. And boom 🤯

The power of VIM combined with clojure strcutural is mind blowing. And combined with clojure REPL nature 🤯.

Try it and see what I mean.

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