Creating Github Issue through Visual Studio Code

When working with the codebase in a company. These things could happens

1) I sometimes keep the technical debt in my head, and then I slowly forgot that debt as the time goes. Then one day, I just realized there's just too many debt already, and that accumulated debts makes the software fragile and hard to develop.

2) Sometimes there's only one person knows that technical debt, and he just keep it. And then one day, his team team mate needs to works on that specific part of the code that has a technical and debt. And he's just confused with code, "WTF is this?"?

These things happen because the problems is implicit . We have to make the problem explicit. We have to bring the problems to the surface. Otherwise it will remains hidden.

One way to do that is to make a github issue, everytime there's something "doesn't looks right" with the code. By doing this we can keep track the health of our software. We can see how many "Issues" are there in the code. If there's too many issue already. Maybe it's a wise choice to stop the development just a moment and fix the issue, pay the debt. Otherwise, one day, a debt collector might come when you don't have any resource to pay the debt. (In software development, this resource might be "time".). Otherwise, the debt is just already too much that makes it almost impossible to keep developing that software. You might ends up rewriting it.

But, creating an issue is a long process. We need to open browser, write description, etc. It's just easier to just leave // TODO isn't it. That's true. The barrier to write // TODO is just way way lower than opening browser, creating issue etc.

While creating //TODO is already one step ahead to make the problem / the debts becomes more explicit. There's still some benefits of creating a github issue

1) By making Github Issue, it's easier to see the health of our program. By seeing the number of issue we have 2) It gives us more space to describe the issue in more details. For example, we can include image, snippets of error logs, etc 3) Gives us a space to discuss the problem. For example as the times goes on, we can comment on the issue to report what's the state of this issue. 4) We can refer a pull request to an issue. Issue we can know exactly what's this Pull Request is fixing.

But the good news it, we can create github issue without sacrificing the simplicity of creating // TODO comment.

Introducing VSCode's extension Github Pull Request & Issues

This is an official VSCode's extension developed by Github themself. (Which is right now acquired by Microsoft, the company that develops VSCode)

So how does it works? I'll let this GIF & images speaks for you

I don't want to repeat what's already written in VSCode's blogs. You can read more details here

There's also a youtube video about this extension here

Hopefully this extension will lower the barrier while working with Github Issue and making the debt more explicit.

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