Trying Flutter Web

May 08, 2019

Google just released flutter for web. This is awesome. With flutter, you will be able to use single codebase to develop iOS App, Android App, Desktop App, Web and Embedded 🌟

flutter multi platform

We'll give it a shot

Getting Started

Install Flutter / Upgrade Flutter

Follow the installation path here on Flutter Official Docs

Or just upgrade it if have ever installed it

flutter upgrade


Create new project

You can either clone flutter/flutter_web. like so

# Clone
git clone

# cd into example dir
cd flutter_web/examples/hello_world

# Activate web build tool
flutter packages pub global activate webdev

Or just use Visual Studio Code. Install Dart Code & Flutter Plugins.

And then cmd + shift + p (on mac) or ctrl + shift + p (on windows/linux). And type >Flutter: New Web Project

vscode-opening-flutter After it's done. Go to main.dart and press F5(Debug shortcut) on your laptop. Or Press ▶️ on Macbook Pro Touchbar

That's it. Look at this beauty 💙


I'll next update about flutter web. I'll let you guys know via my twitter @muhajirdev


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